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Warning about drinking during pregnancy

Monday 24th April 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

An estimated 600 babies are born with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in Ireland every year, a public health specialist has warned. ... Read more →

Appendix removal linked to higher pregnancy rates

Wednesday 3rd August 2016 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Women who had their tonsils or appendix removed when they were younger may to be more likely to get pregnant compared to their pee... Read more →

Pregnant women advised to avoid Florida

Wednesday 3rd August 2016 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Irish women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant are being advised to avoid travelling to Florida in the US. This fo... Read more →

Raw eggs safe for pregnant women to eat, says UK safety committee

Thursday 28th July 2016 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Report from advisory committee states there is ‘very low’ risk of salmonella from eggs Raw eggs are safe for pr... Read more →

The pregnancy waddle does exist

Monday 27th June 2016 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Scientists have confirmed the existence of the ‘pregnancy waddle'. According to a team from Japan, a baby bump changes the ... Read more →

Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant

Wednesday 17th February 2016 - Asthma linked to longer time to get pregnant - Irish Health

Women with asthma may take longer to become pregnant, a new study suggests. Previous research has indicated a link between the lu... Read more →

Skin Conditions During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Friday 29th January 2016 - Lori Smith BSN MSN CRNP - Medical News Today

During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through a host of physical changes and the skin is not immune from these effects. Commonly,... Read more →

Depression Screening Recommended For All Pregnant Women, New Mothers

Wednesday 27th January 2016 - Joanne Silberner - NPR

Pregnant women and new mothers need more attention when it comes to screening for depression, according to recommendations issued ... Read more →

Potatoes linked to diabetes in pregnancy, study finds

Wednesday 13th January 2016 - Paul Cullen - The Irish Times

The humble spud has come under renewed attack on health grounds, with a new study finding a link between higher consumption of pot... Read more →

Pregnant women advised not to sit too much

Friday 6th November 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Pregnant women with symptoms of depression are more likely to sit for long periods during their second trimester, increasing their... Read more →

Cancer treatment possible during pregnancy

Thursday 8th October 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Women who are diagnosed with cancer while they are pregnant can start treatment for the disease immediately and do not need to wor... Read more →

Pregnant women urged to avoid all alcohol

Thursday 10th September 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Pregnant women in Ireland often receive conflicting advice in relation to drinking alcohol, but there is no safe level of consumpt... Read more →

Weight in 1st pregnancy affects 2nd baby

Monday 10th August 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Risk present even if all went well 1st time A woman's weight during her first pregnancy may affect the health of a second baby, e... Read more →

Why eating for two during pregnancy may cause weight problem

Friday 31st July 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Eating for two during pregnancy may lead to a weight problem because of changes to the digestive system, new research suggests. ... Read more →

Importance of folic acid highlighted

Monday 20th July 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Sexually active women who could become pregnant are being reminded of the importance of taking folic acid, even if they are not pl... Read more →

Drinking during pregnancy common in Ireland

Tuesday 7th July 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very common in Ireland and women are much more likely to drink while pregnant if they smoke, ... Read more →

Obesity in pregnancy a major risk

Friday 29th May 2015 - Deborah Condon -

A new study involving Irish scientists has highlighted the increased risks pregnant women face if they are obese. According to th... Read more →

Preterm births ups risk of preterm delivery

Friday 22nd May 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Women who were born prematurely have an increased risk of giving birth to a premature child, a new study has found. According to ... Read more →

Irish women having kids later in life

Thursday 14th May 2015 - Deborah Condon -

The proportion of women in Ireland giving birth for the first time in their 40s is higher than the EU average, new figures have sh... Read more →

Morning after pill policy 'unacceptable'

Monday 27th April 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Pharmacists have called for an end to the practice whereby women with medical cards who wish to obtain the morning after pill free... Read more →

Preterm births linked to heart risk

Tuesday 10th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Pregnant women who spontaneously go into labour prematurely may have an increased risk of suffering a stroke or developing heart p... Read more →

Pre-pregnancy health linked to child obesity risk

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Women who improve their health before they become pregnant could reduce their child's risk of becoming obese later in life, a new ... Read more →

Rewards help pregnant smokers quit

Thursday 29th January 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to quit the habit if they are offered financial incentives to do so, a new study has foun... Read more →

13% of mums smoke during pregnancy

Thursday 15th January 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Almost one in eight mothers in Ireland smoked throughout their pregnancy and those who smoked the most were more likely to give bi... Read more →

Pre-pregnancy weight linked to kids' heart risk

Thursday 20th November 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Adults have a much higher risk of dying from heart disease or stroke if their mothers were overweight or obese before they became ... Read more →

Pregnancy diabetes could be cut by 50%

Thursday 2nd October 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Almost 50% of all cases of gestational diabetes could be prevented if women consumed a healthy diet, maintained a healthy weight, ... Read more →

'Back to front' guidelines on abortion

Thursday 21st August 2014 - Niall Hunter -

Nearly seven months after the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act came into effect, health professionals have to date only bee... Read more →

New guidelines in wake of Savita case

Friday 15th August 2014 - Niall Hunter -

New sets of guidelines have are being given to hospitals on the management of pregnant women with suspected sepsis and second trim... Read more →

Caesareans safer if baby is breech

Tuesday 12th August 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Breech babies have a much higher risk of death if they are delivered vaginally rather than by caesarean section, a new study has f... Read more →

Having babies close together is safe

Monday 4th August 2014 - Deborah Condon -

Most of us are familiar with the term Irish twins - when siblings are born less than 12 months apart, sometimes even within the sa... Read more →

Number of British women travelling to USA to choose the sex of their baby on the rise

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 - Patricia Murphy - Independent

Hundreds of British couples are travelling to specialist clinics in America to choose the gender of their child in an act of 'fami... Read more →

Baby boom on the wane as country's birth rate slows down

Friday 4th July 2014 - Eilish O'Regan - Independent

THE baby boom is continuing to wane with some maternity units seeing a substantial fall in births in the first four months of the ... Read more →

High cholesterol may hit chances of having a baby

Thursday 22nd May 2014 - John Von Radowitz - Independent

HIGH cholesterol levels may reduce a couple's chances of having children, a study has found. The US research suggests a link betw... Read more →

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