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10 things to know about dementia

Tuesday 26th September 2017 - Dr Christine Fitzgerald - Irish Independent

Every day in Ireland, an average of 11 people are diagnosed with dementia. In fact, right now there are 55,000 people living w... Read more →

Lifestyle changes could ‘prevent a third’ of dementia cases

Friday 21st July 2017 - Clive Cookson - Irish Times

More than a third of the world’s dementia cases could be prevented by tackling lifestyle factors that increase an individual... Read more →

Dementia - carers need more support

Thursday 15th June 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

A new study has provided some insight into the massive toll caring for a spouse with dementia can take. According to the findings... Read more →

Major roads linked to dementia risk

Monday 9th January 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

People who live close to major roads may have a small increased risk of developing dementia, a new study suggests. Precious resea... Read more →

New dementia mobile service launched

Thursday 8th September 2016 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

A new mobile information service will be travelling to towns and villages nationwide in the coming weeks to provide support and in... Read more →

Smoking doubles risk of dementia

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Smokers have a significantly higher risk of developing dementia than non-smokers, however many people are unaware of this link, tw... Read more →

15 ways to stave off dementia

Tuesday 4th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Evidence suggests that if key risk factors for dementia - such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyles - were... Read more →

Many do not understand palliative care

Monday 20th April 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Many people have a poor understanding of what palliative care is and who it is for, a new survey has found. Palliative care aims ... Read more →

Dementia risk for underweight middle-aged

Friday 10th April 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Middle-aged people who are underweight may have an increased risk of going on to develop dementia, a new study has found. UK rese... Read more →

Jump in calls to dementia helpline

Friday 20th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Calls to a dementia helpline jumped by 20% last year, new figures have shown. The national helpline, which is run by the Alzheime... Read more →

Dementia care severely lacking

Thursday 29th January 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Almost 90% of nursing homes in Ireland have no dedicated dementia care units, despite the increasing number of people living with ... Read more →

National dementia strategy to focus on community care and stigma

Thursday 18th December 2014 - Mark Hilliard -

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has unveiled a €27.5 million national dementia strategy that will focus on shattering the stigma of the ... Read more →

New dementia resource for Cork

Friday 12th December 2014 - Deborah Condon -

A new website, which aims to offer support to people diagnosed with dementia in the north Cork area, has been launched.An estimate... Read more →

Poor sleep in old age linked to dementia

Thursday 11th December 2014 - John von Radowitz -

Study participants who spent the least amount of time in deep "slow wave" sleep were significantly more likely to lose brain cells... Read more →

New app aims to help people caring for relatives with dementia

Tuesday 9th September 2014 - Independent - Independent

A free app has been launched to help the 50,000 family carers looking after people with dementia. The app from Home Instead Senio... Read more →

Believe it or not, cynics three times more likely to develop dementia

Thursday 29th May 2014 - Sarah Knapton - Independent

Cynics are three times more likely to develop dementia than those who have faith in humanity, a study has shown. Believing that o... Read more →

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