Foods for life: The seven ages of eating

Tuesday 13th February 2018 - Lynne Caffrey - Irish Independent

As our bodies grow and age, it is essential that the food we eat has all the nutrients we need to thrive, writes Lynne Caffrey. Bu... Read more →

How much are we really drinking?

Monday 12th February 2018 - Kathy Donaghy - Irish Independent

As we settle in to the second month of a new year and resolve to be the best and healthiest version of ourselves that we can b... Read more →

Allergy or intolerance: What's the difference?

Friday 9th February 2018 - Health & Living - Irish Independent

There's an increasing trend towards using the terms 'intolerant' and 'allergic' as interchangeable - but the reality is that t... Read more →

Dining with danger... The worrying rise in food allergies

Thursday 8th February 2018 - Chrissie Russell - Irish Independent

Food sensitivities have never been more common, and the effects are obvious everywhere from our kids' lunchboxes to restaurant men... Read more →

Simple food changes to ensure you eat healthily at work

Monday 5th February 2018 - Karl Henry - Irish Independent

Work is such a huge component of our day that any little improvement you can make in the office to improve your health can onl... Read more →

16 ways to hit 10,000 steps

Wednesday 31st January 2018 - Julia Molony - Irish Independent

Getting in your 10,000 steps, the distance we should all be walking every day for improved health, can seem daunting. It sound... Read more →

Netflix and chablis? You're doing self-care all wrong

Tuesday 30th January 2018 - Julia Molony - Irish Independent

If your current concept of 'me time' is a Netflix-and-biscuits binge, or a large glass of Chablis hastily gulped in snatched s... Read more →

12 ways to win at life and be more productive

Monday 29th January 2018 - Ewa Pietrzak

Many books have been written about time management and productivity and all writers agree on one thing - you're never going to... Read more →

How to protect your bones as you age

Friday 26th January 2018 - Dr Miriam F. Delaney - Irish independent

Winter can be a treacherous time of year, with cold and ice and this year, snow, writes Dr Miriam F. Delaney. A fall on slippy... Read more →

How ancient spices can cure modern stresses

Thursday 25th January 2018 - Eleanor Steafel - Irish Independent

Stress is an unavoidable symptom of modern life. We all suffer from it - many of us are even being signed off sick from work b... Read more →

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