Cervical cancer: Get to know the symptoms

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - Heather Keating - Irish Independent

When I was 24 I noticed that I was bleeding in between periods and after sex. I was on the contraceptive pill at the time so m... Read more →

What is 'text neck', and how can you get your skin glowing again after a long winter?

Monday 30th April 2018 - Kate O'Brien - Irish Independent

Our skin is a powerful expression of what is happening inside our bodies. And that elusive healthy glow we spend time and mone... Read more →

Ella Mills, Joe Wicks, and Happy Pear twins to star in Irish wellness festival next month

Friday 27th April 2018 - Geraldine Gittens - Irish Independent

Deliciously Ella founder, Ella Mills, will appear at next month’s WellFest along with Irish sport stars Anna Geary and D... Read more →

Hit the snooze button: why dreams are vital

Thursday 26th April 2018 - Kathy Donaghy - Irish Independent

As modern life interferes with quality rest, new research reveals it's not just how much you sleep, but what you do with it that c... Read more →

Karl Henry: Get in tune with your body and use music to maximise workout results

Wednesday 25th April 2018 - Karl Henry - Irish Independent

One of the questions I get asked all the time is how to improve the results people are getting from their exercise. We are all... Read more →

New hope for migraine sufferers who could self-inject with smart drug, researchers say

Tuesday 24th April 2018 - John von Radowitz - Irish Independent

A self-injected smart drug holds out new hope for migraine sufferers who until now have had to grit their teeth and bear the p... Read more →

Fat belly can double your heart attack risk - even if your weight is normal

Monday 23rd April 2018 - Dean Gray in London - Ir

Having a fat belly doubles your heart attack risk even if you aren't obese, a study has found. Those of normal weight... Read more →

How many coffees should you have in a day? New research gives surprising results

Monday 23rd April 2018 - Newsdesk - Irish Independent

Drinking three cups of coffee will not harm your heart, leading cardiologists who carried out a new study on caffeine consumpt... Read more →

12 ways to help stiff and aching joints

Monday 26th March 2018 - Julia Molony - Irish Independent

They rarely get a break, so it's no wonder our joints can hurt from time to time. Julia Molony rounds up some of the best ways to ... Read more →

What effect is our protein obsession having on our health?

Friday 16th March 2018 - Áilín Quinlan - Irish Independent

A courier arrived at my front door recently, requesting my signature for the delivery of some large boxes. The carton... Read more →

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