Sleep well: how to get more than 40 winks

Friday 11th July 2014 - Chrissie Russell - Independent

One in five of us will suffer from insomnia, but why and what can we do to cure it? By Chrissie Russell. The red glow of your... Read more →

Free GP care for over-70s will ‘require legislation’

Friday 11th July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Irish Times

Crown proposes that non-smokers could be given discount on health insurance. Legislation will be required to give effect to t... Read more →

Insect Bite: 'Lyme disease almost destroyed my life'

Thursday 10th July 2014 - Celine Naughton - Independent

An insect bite seems like a minor annoyance. But as the HSE urges us to protect themselves against tick bites, Celine Naughton tal... Read more →

Avoiding ticks and other bugs this summer

Thursday 10th July 2014 - Celine Naughton - Independent

According to public health specialist Paul McKeown, it is likely that there are 50-100 cases of Lyme disease in Ireland every year... Read more →

New kidney for 'untransplantable' teen

Thursday 10th July 2014 - Deborah Condon -

A 14-year-old girl from Dublin who was deemed ‘untransplantable' has successfully undergone a kidney transplant thanks to a ... Read more →

Over-35s taking out health insurance face penalty. First-time insurance subscribers to face 2% per year penalty after May 2015.

Tuesday 8th July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Independent

Customers over the age of 35 will pay a 2 per cent per year penalty on their health insurance following the introduction of a new ... Read more →

What is the Lifetime Community Rating? Q&A: New loading system explained

Tuesday 8th July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Irish Times

What is Lifetime Community Rating? Community rating is the principle whereby everyone pays the same premium for the same health-in... Read more →

Neurological services hit by new funding cuts Some organisations dealing with chronic pain and services to the elderly may close

Tuesday 8th July 2014 - Tim O'Brien - Irish Times

Eleven neurological organisations receiving support for vital community services in areas such as motor neurone disease, stroke an... Read more →

Battle of the mind - Virginia Kerr on cancer support

Monday 7th July 2014 - Joy Orpen - Independent

Psychotherapist and opera star, Virginia Kerr, explains how cancer sufferers and their families need emotional support, as grievin... Read more →

Work-life balance: Between a clock and a hard pace

Monday 7th July 2014 - Aine O'Connor - Independent

In a world that never switches off, our work-life balance has become dangerously disrupted, says Aine O'Connor. Henry Ford wa... Read more →

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