Advice for long, hot days is not to be sneezed at. Eight things you can do to help control your hay fever.

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - Kathy Donaghy - Independent

For the 20pc of us who suffer with varying degrees of hay fever, summer can be a time of sheer misery. The pollen released by plan... Read more →

Dáil to debate deaf advocacy service cut. Irish Deaf Society say withdrawal of funding will leave ‘gaping hole’ in supports for deaf

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Irish Times

A decision by the Department of Environment to stop funding an advocacy service for deaf people is to be debated in the Dái... Read more →

Detailed guidelines on legal abortion released. Termination permitted when there is ‘real and substantial threat’ to woman’s life.

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - Kitty Holland - Irish Times

Detailed guidance on the circumstances in which a woman may legally have an abortion – when there is a real and substantial ... Read more →

'I'll fight my pancreatic cancer my way' says Irish dad of one who has recorded 'fun' video for his baby daughter to watch after he dies

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 - Majella O'Sullivan - Independent

FACING a bleak prognosis like his there are not many who would decide to record a fun video clip about fighting cancer. But Darren... Read more →

State to compensate women who had controversial childbirth operations

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 - Dan Griffin - Irish Times

Symphysiotomy survivors to be given between €50,000 and €150,000. Women who had a symphysiotomy during childbirth will q... Read more →

African leaders to discuss Ebola outbreak

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 - RTE - RTE News

Health ministers from 11 west African nations and experts in disease control are meeting in Ghana's capital to plan "drastic actio... Read more →

Children born after fertility treatment 'more likely to be autistic and schizophrenic'

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Independent - Independent

Scientists with the University of Copenhagen studied 2.4million children over 40-year period. Children born to women with fertilit... Read more →

We need to have a talk about the taboo subject of death

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Deirdre Reynolds - Independent

It's always been a taboo subject as nobody wants to discuss death. But now many are... and a lot of them are still in the full of ... Read more →

Reilly rejects calls for more funding for procedure for morbidly obese patients

Tuesday 1st July 2014 - Paul Cullen - Irish Times

Leading endocrinologist wants to be able to resume life-saving gastric bypass operations. Minister for Health James Reilly has re... Read more →

The world's best and worst diets revealed

Monday 30th June 2014 - Kate Quilton - Independent

Kate Quilton travelled the globe to countries with 80pc obesity — and one where a village has found the secret of eternal yo... Read more →

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