How you can you control PMS through diet

Thursday 12th October 2017 - Orla Walsh - Irish independent

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is an umbrella term for a group of physical, behavioural or mood changes that occur one to two wee... Read more →

PCOS: Is diet the answer?

Tuesday 10th October 2017 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

As a dietitian it's incredibly frustrating how little attention is given to nutrition in the pursuit of fertility. Fertility a... Read more →

Working out at home

Monday 9th October 2017 - Siobhan Byrne - Irish Independent

Hopefully everyone is starting to settle back into a routine after the summer holidays. For some this will be easier than othe... Read more →

Are the alternatives just milking it?

Friday 6th October 2017 - Orla Walsh - Irish independent

Milk used to mean cow's milk. Although low-fat milk and skimmed milk have been popular for some time now, there is now a flurr... Read more →

Know your limits

Thursday 5th October 2017 - Siobhan Byrne - Irish Independent

Last week we looked at some of the basic ways to begin your gym routine. This included incorporating a warm-up cardio and star... Read more →

Everything you need to know about soy products and how they impact your health

Monday 2nd October 2017 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

Soy bean products are growing more and more popular - from milk to tofu, there is an entire spectrum of foods available. However, ... Read more →

Low fat, high fat? ...make your mind up

Friday 29th September 2017 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

A study published in the Lancet journal made the front cover of many newspapers worldwide. The data is from the Prospective Ur... Read more →

Time to hit the gym

Thursday 28th September 2017 - Siobhan Byrne - Irish independent

Over the next four weeks, I'll be going through some of my favourite exercises to do at the gym. Bodyweight exercises... Read more →

Seven days, seven changes: A week’s worth of easy tweaks to kickstart a healthier life

Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Karl Henry - Irish Independent

Health can be so scary, daunting, and unattainable that sometimes you can't see how to start, what to do first or where to go ... Read more →

10 things to know about dementia

Tuesday 26th September 2017 - Dr Christine Fitzgerald - Irish Independent

Every day in Ireland, an average of 11 people are diagnosed with dementia. In fact, right now there are 55,000 people living w... Read more →

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