The best way to talk to young children about the abortion referendum, according to an Irish psychotherapist

Thursday 24th May 2018 - Stella O’Malley - Irish Independent

Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley feels that Irish parents of children under-12 should feel comfortable to discuss t... Read more →

The coolest new fitness trend is exercising in the cold, but does it actually work?

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 - Press Association - Irish Examiner

As any regular gym-goer knows, getting hot and sweaty is part and parcel of a good workout. In fact, most of us are of the opinion... Read more →

Social media influencer Maeve Madden: 'A lot of the girls that I work with are quite highly strung'

Monday 21st May 2018 - Maeve Madden - Irish independent

'I would suffer from panic attacks and very bad anxiety. Especially if my morning routine is disrupted, or I have high levels ... Read more →

Pea milk and mushroom porridge - the new superfoods hitting Ireland

Friday 18th May 2018 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

For fashionable foodies, 2017 was the year of coconut oil, smashed avocado and chia seeds - but what will the on-trend kitchen... Read more →

Achoo! How to survive hay fever season

Thursday 17th May 2018 - Victoria Lambert - The Irish Independent

For anyone celebrating the arrival of spring by stockpiling over-the-counter hay fever treatments, news of a new vaccine may c... Read more →

Exam season advice for parents: 'Their mental health is far more important than chasing points'

Wednesday 16th May 2018 - Celine Naughton - Irish Independent

As the exam season looms, revisions are in full swing, tensions are running high and the heat is on for the estimated 120,000 ... Read more →

Treats are no way to reward our children

Tuesday 15th May 2018 - Sarah Caden - Irish Independent

Last week, the results of a survey conducted by Safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland found that families with children spent ... Read more →

Get in tune with your body and use music to maximise workout results

Tuesday 8th May 2018 - Karl Henry - Irish Independent

One of the questions I get asked all the time is how to improve the results people are getting from their exercise. We are all so ... Read more →

Friday 4 May 2018 Why groundbreaking research has put pasta back on the menu - dietitian Orla Walsh

Friday 4th May 2018 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

A victim of the 'low carb' movement, pasta has got its fair share of bad press over the years. We were advised to swap our pla... Read more →

Debunking the myths of HPV - Everything you need to know

Thursday 3rd May 2018 - Dr Robert O'Connor - Irish Independent

Almost two-thirds of Irish people don't realise HPV can lead to cancer. Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research at the Irish Cancer S... Read more →

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